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Why certify with NHA?

The National Healthcareer Association (NHA) is the largest allied health certification agency in the United States, with over 1 million certifications awarded since 1989.

Achieving NHA certification and having those trusted, credible credentials shows employers that you are a candidate who is serious about their career, and get you noticed as premier candidate.

Whether you’re a student going through an allied health program or already employed in the field, building your healthcare career starts here.

The value of NHA certification

Healthcare institutions are experiencing a strong need for employees with validated, nationally recognized certifications. An NHA credential shows that you are dedicated to your chosen field, demonstrating not only a proven level of knowledge, but also a desire for excellence.

NHA Value

8 Certifications, Infinite Opportunities

The National Healthcareer Association offers eight nationally accredited programs with certifications that are recognized and respected by employers. With these certifications come more opportunities, better pay and increased job security.

NHA Programs

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Phlebotomy Technician

A phlebotomy technician is responsible for the collecting of blood specimens for the laboratory to help diagnose health conditions and illnesses.

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Clinical Medical Assistant

The Medical Assisting (CCMA) student will be trained to perform at a minimum entry level in positions normally available in a medical facility such as physicians’,..

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Patient Care Technician

The Patient Care Technician (CPCT) program is a comprehensive program designed to prepare the graduate to become....

Launching in 2023

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians are responsible for preparing sterile medicines and general prescriptions. Their duties can also include counting, retrieving, weighing, pouring, and even mixing medications.

Launching in 2023

Billing and Coding Specialist

A medical billing and coding specialist is responsible for verifying patient information including medical history, symptoms, exams, test results, treatments, and other information that may be relevant to their providers.

Launching in 2023

EKG Technician

Trained specifically to operate these sophisticated devices, EKG technicians monitor the readings, make sure the machine is attached properly and in working order, and record the results of EKG tests.

Launching in 2024

Physical Therapy Aide

A physical therapy aide is someone who supports the physical therapists and therapist assistants to help patients recovering from injuries and illnesses regain movement and manage pain.

Launching in 2024

Dialysis Technician

A dialysis technician is someone who has been trained to perform dialysis on patients suffering from various types of kidney disease.

Launching in 2023

Certified Nursing Assistant

A CNA, or certified nursing assistant, is an entry-level member of a patient's healthcare team, performing important patient-centered tasks under the supervision of licensed nursing staff.

Launching in 2025

Surgical Technician

A surgical technologist is a health professional who prepares an operating room (OR) before surgery. A crucial part of a surgical care team, Often working alongside The surgeon’s assistants, And the nurses.

Launching in 2025

Dental Assistant

Dental assistants are trained in certificate programs to support dentists and hygienists in treatments for teeth and gums, and to promote dental health in general.

Launching in 2025

Emergency Medical Tech

An emergency medical technician, or EMT, is a first responder who is trained in basic medical knowledge and skills to provide immediate medical care to patients in an emergency.

About NCCA Accreditation

NHA’s certification exams are accredited through the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). The NCCA awards accreditation for professional or personnel certification programs which provides impartial, third-party validation that a program has met recognized national credentialing industry standards for development, implementation and maintenance of certification programs.

Obtaining and maintaining NCCA accreditation is a true indication of NHA’s proven ability to provide quality certification programs in the healthcare industry.

The mission of NCCA is to help ensure the health, welfare and safety of the public through the accreditation of certification programs that assess professional competence. Its purpose is to provide the public and other stakeholders the means by which to identify certification programs that serve their competency assurance needs in a profession.

NHA is proud to maintain accreditation for its certification exams through NCCA.

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