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Phlebotomy Technician

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The student will be trained to perform a variety of blood collection methods using proper techniques and precautions including: vacuum collection devices, syringes, capillary skin puncture, butterfly needles and blood culture specimen collection on adults, children and infants. Emphasis will be placed on infection prevention, proper patient identification, proper labeling of specimens, and quality assurance. Students will be taught specimen handling, processing and accessioning. The testing performed will include: manual hematocrits, Urinalysis dipsticks, fecal occult blood, erythrocyte sedimentation rate and pregnancy testing. Upon successful completion of the following two courses the student will be awarded a certificate of completion and will be eligible to sit for the national certification exam.

Become a Certified Phlebotomy Technician
with Athens Institute of Allied Healthcare

Our Certified Phlebotomy Technician program gives you the training you need for a successful career as a phlebotomy technician. The program only takes a few weeks to complete. Once you’re finished, you’ll receive your Phlebotomy Technician Certificate.

A phlebotomy technician is a critical member of the patient care team. They support doctors, nurses and other medical professionals during the diagnostic process. Key responsibilities include drawing and testing blood samples, evaluating patients during visits, performing venipunctures, preparing bodily fluids for testing and more.

The Phlebotomy Technician program features an in-depth curriculum that covers everything you need for success. You’ll learn how to draw blood, how to prepare samples for testing, how to assist patients during draws and so much more. Using our state-of-the-art facility, you’ll also receive hands-on training.

Program Objectives

The Phlebotomy Technician Program is designed to provide students with:
The technical skills needed to competently and safely collect and handle blood specimens from a variety of patients.
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What's included

  • Approved Laboratory and Supplies
  • Approved Certification Testing Facility
  • AIAH Students Welcome Package (Student ID, Book Bag)
  • 2 Sets of Athens Institute of Allied Health Scrubs
  • NHA Certification Exam (1st Attempt)
  • National Healthcareer Certification
  • Program Graduation Pin

The outlook for the Phlebotomy Technician field is positive, according to the U.S. Department of Labor—experts predict that the field will continue to grow by more than 20 percent in the coming years. Due in large part to advances in healthcare technology and longer life expectancies among the population, the growth offers opportunities for qualified candidates in Florida and throughout the United States. medical clinics and more.

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Certified Phlebotomy Technicians Can Advance Into Supervisory Or Management Positions.

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Steps To Get Started

To qualify for graduation from this program the students must demonstrate competency in each of the patient care skills and successfully complete the both externships. Graduates in this program will be qualified to find entry-level positions in doctor’s offices, hospitals, nursing and convalescent health care facilities.
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