A Warm Welcome
from Our Director

Lee Minish

Welcome to athens institute of allied health

Athens Institute of Allied Health Inc., offers first-in-class training specifically geared to help you get started into the medical industry. Our programs and instructors are focused on giving you the training and skills necessary to be successful in today’s job environment.

We are happy to help you achieve your dream of becoming an Allied Health worker. We offer fast-paced programs giving you the necessary skills to perform the varied roles of allied healthcare workers in today’s workforce. We have listened to, and partnered with, leading medical employers within our community to ensure that our students are getting the best education, specifically designed to help them succeed in their new careers.

Our school is continuously growing to fit the needs of our students. The facilities are newly renovated with up-to-date classrooms filled with the latest in learning technologies. In the lab areas you will be able to put theory into practice with supplies and equipment you would use in a real medical office. Our staff includes dedicated instructors who are ready and willing to help you advance through the program and into your career. Our goal is to have you ready to meet your career objective on Day 1 of your new job. Although we cannot guarantee you a job, we will assist you in finding a job.

I sincerely hope that your educational experience at Athens Institute of Allied Health, will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your career. The staff and faculty join me in welcoming you and providing you the education that will assist you on your personal career path. Your new career is awaiting you; so, Let’s get started!

Lee Minish – Founding Director

National health career assosiation
American heart association
Georgia Nonpublic Secondary Education Commission