Athens institute of Allied Health (Main campus)

Graduation Requirements

Athens Institute of Allied Health awards certificates for successful completion of full-time day and/or evening programs. Students must meet the certificate of completion requirements as outlined in the Academic Catalog current at the time of application for graduation.

Students must successfully complete all courses in the program of study. Transfer of credit from another institution or proficiency credit may be used to qualify as successful completion of a course. Certificates will not be awarded if the highest grade recorded for a course is “F”, “W”, or “I”.

Students must earn a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (grade of “C” or better) for all course work completed at Athens Institute of Allied Health. Students must be in good financial standing and all monies owed the school must be paid prior to earning the certification.

Certification Tests

Many of the programs offered at Athens Institute of Allied Health are eligible for certification: National Health Career Association – PCT, Phlebotomy, Medical Assistant, and Electronic Health Records Specialist. Ultrasound Tech testing is not offered at New Horizons Medical Institute; however, testing is offered at other locations in Georgia. To request further information, see A School Director.Athens 

Certification of Completion

Certificates of Completion are awarded upon satisfactory completion of all courses in the student’s program. A degree or diploma will not be issued nor will record of graduation of the program be posted to a student’s academic record until successful completion of the all requirements for graduation are met. If a student does not complete the necessary credit or courses for graduation, a certificate of completion indicating the amount of credit hours earned will be awarded.

National health career assosiation
American heart association
Georgia Nonpublic Secondary Education Commission