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2024 Fees & Tuitions

Phlebotomy Draw

Phlebotomy Technician

$1875 Total Cost

Our Phlebotomy Technician program provides you with the knowledge on proper practices in collecting blood specimens.  We give you the hands-on training you need to be prepared for the workforce. Students will complete the mandatory number of sticks required for certification therough The National Heathcare Institute. 

Now Enrolling for Classes Beginning March 5, 2024

Clinical Medical Assistant

$3750 Total Cost

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant is now a career path in high demand! CCMA’s play a crucial role in doctors offices; as well as on COVID  testing and vaccination sites. Rise to the occasion and take your training even higher with the program we offer, taught by nurses and seasoned, experienced medical assistants.

Now Enrolling for Classes Beginning March 12, 2024
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Patient Care Technician

$4625 Total Cost

Take your certification to the next level. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals rely on Patient Care Technicians to assist patients with often critical day-to-day care. This course embodies all of the CCMA skills and more.

Now Enrolling for Classes Beginning March 12, 2024

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A nonrefundable application fee of $150 is charged to all students who apply for admission. This fee covers the initial costs of students uniforms (scrubs), their school id’s, and any other required equipment needed for their program. Payment of this fee is valid for a period of one year from the date of initial application. Should an individual fail to enroll within this period, reapplication for admission and payment of the application fee is required.


Athens Institute of Allied Health reserves the right to modify tuition and other charges upon sufficient notice to students. Announced tuition increases will not apply to students who maintain continuous attendance in a program of study. Tuition charges are assessed and payable as arranged when the student enrolls. The charges for each program are detailed in the tuition section of the student catalog and handbook.



Students who wish to re-enter Athens Institute of Allied Health after having voluntarily or involuntarily withdrawn for any reason from their program of study may restart with Director Approval. A $75 re-registration fee will be assessed.


One transcript will be provided to each student free of charge. Additional copies will be provided at $25 each.

National health career assosiation
American heart association
Georgia Nonpublic Secondary Education Commission