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If you are dependable, compassionate, cooperative, able to lift 15-20 pounds and are willing to learn how to operate the electrodiagnostic machine, you can pursue a career as an EKG technician.

  • You need is a high school diploma in order to start working towards acquiring this position.
  • Postsecondary training is very helpful for obtaining this job.
  • Certification is not required but can help you land a better job as some organizations do prefer certified EKG technicians.
  • Working in a healthcare setting can also make it easier to pursue this position; those who are already acclimated to the healthcare environment are preferred.

Program Objectives

EKG technicians, also known as electrocardiogram technicians, are vital to the medical community. Most EKG technicians begin their careers working jobs as health aides, nursing assistants, or while pursuing an associate degree in cardiovascular technology. They often work in settings like emergency rooms, cardiac units and medical offices. EKG technicians can advance into specialty departments by taking additional training.

12 Lead EKG

Our EKG technician learning programs and tools are based on in-depth employer insights, the latest industry trends and data, and collaboration with subject matter and technology experts. Take advantage of these engaging resources to help students meet employer requirements and achieve their EKG technician certification and career goals — whether they’re just starting an EKG technician certification program or are an experienced EKG tech.

EKG Course Hours

This Course Earns 9.6 CEU's

With Experience

By The Numbers.

EKG Technicians Can Advance into Supervisory or Management Positions.

Median Annual Salary
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Average Hour Wage in Georgia
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Course Length in Weeks

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To qualify for graduation from this program the students must demonstrate competency in each of the patient care skills and successfully complete the both externships. Graduates in this program will be qualified to find entry-level positions in doctor’s offices, hospitals, nursing and convalescent health care facilities.

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