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Are you tired of just having jobs and ready to build a career? If so then it’s time to invest in yourself and get the training you need to enter the vast world of allied healthcare. Allied Health professionals are integral to the treatment of patients. Even though they work indirectly in the areas of medicine or nursing, they use the same scientific principles as other healthcare professionals, in helping to diagnose, evaluate and treat diseases. Many health services are provided by Allied Health Professionals filling non-nurse and non-physician-based roles. Career benefits include the diversity of roles that are available to you within the profession. Depending on the role, your work environment may not be limited to healthcare facilities. You can also select a career path with direct patient contact or indirect care roles.

We get you trained, certified, and prepared

Athens Institute of Allied Health prepares students to become therapists, technicians, administrators, managers, and assistants who are the backbone of today’s healthcare workforce. As the nation’s population ages and increasingly struggles with chronic disease and disability, as well as healthcare reform, our mission of education premier healthcare professionals has never been more vital.

While many medical programs take from two to four years to complete, we offer certificate programs which can be earned in a matter of a few short weeks. You will notice that our programs are accelerated. An accelerated or shorter program means less cost to the student. We focus on crucial knowledge and hands-on skills so that students spend time learning the things used every day in the healthcare field. Our students receive National Certifications, enabling them to enter the workforce and get started earning paychecks as quickly as possible.

Our experienced instructors personally guide students through the learning process. Our curriculums are developed and specifically designed to give you hands-on experience so that you are better prepared when entering your new career. We work together with local medical clinics, doctors offices, and hospitals, to ensure that our students have choices after graduation. 

Allied Health

Education and training for students earning
NCCA Nationally accredited certifications

We’ve partnered with NHA (National Healthcareer Association) to help our students every step of the way with programs specifically designed to enhance their skills, knowledge, & qualifications. Our goal is to set every student up for successful careers in allied healthcare.

Med Terminology

Clinical Medical Assistants

89% of organizations encourage or require their medical assistants to be certified.


EKG Technicians

87% of organizations encourage or require their EKG technicians to be certified

Prescription Pills

Pharmacy Technicians

90% of organizations encourage or require their pharmacy technicians to be certified.

Medical Records

Electronic Health Records Specialists

One in five people surveyed in 2020 by the Kaiser Family Foundation found a mistake in their EHR.


Hemo-Dialysis Technician

The average Dialysis clinic is always seeking 2 more qualified technicians.


Phlebotomy Technicians

93% of organizations encourage or require their phlebotomy technicians to be certified.


Billing and Coding Specialists

68% of organizations encourage or require their billing and coding specialists to be certified.

Medical Check-ups

Medical Administrative Assistants

75% of organizations encourage or require their medical administrative assistants to be certified.

Patient Folders

Patient Care Technicians

68% of organizations encourage or require their patient care technicians to be certified.


Physical Therapy Aide

74% of physical therapy centers require their PTA's to be certified.

*Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2019). Occupational Outlook Handbook. National Healthcareer Association (2020). 2020 Industry Outlook.

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National health career association
American heart association
Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary
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